SBDP ICT / Coding Education Curriculum

The philosophy of the SBDP ICT/ Coding Education Curriculum is based on cultivating students' computational thinking and in order to improve their problem-solving skills. Apart from teaching different computer software for general needs, the school has successfully been granted nearly $3m from QEF for developing 'From Coding to STEM' Coding Curriculum with 22 schools.  The curriculum also contributes to STEM & IT trend that and practical coding content are implemented in the P.1 & P.2 curriculum for them to learn coding through games and to establish a basis knowledge on coding.  In P.3 to P.6, applications such as Scratch jr, Scratch, Micro:bit and App Inventor2 are implemented for students to develop creativity and problem solving skills. 


The school has also joined schemes such as 'CoolThink' and 'AI with Children Scheme' to a better and comprehensive learning and teaching. Moreover, another major role of the curriculum is to improve students' information literacy for them to use computer ethically and handle information wisely in regards to their attitudes.


Teacher Professional Development:
Upper Primary subject teachers joined a 12-hour CoolThink Workshop with 4 lessons. Through the workshop, teachers grasped 'To Play, To Think, To Code' methodolgy in order to enhance students' computational concept, hands-on practice and vision.