The LKKB School Library

The LKKB School Library is situated on the second floor and it is spacious for students to read. When you reach the front door, you will see a vibrant painting on the wall that makes the library livelier. On the painting, you can see everyone in the garden reading happily and the latest information approaches from faraway. You can also see children exploring the world and pursue for knowledge and verifying anything learnt from books. The painting clearly illustrates the school library. The school library is divided into two areas: The Reading Zone & The Collection Zone. The Reading Zone is two stories high with floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Therefore it provides adequate illumination for students to read. There are 10,107 books which includes 7,433 Chinese books and 2,674 English books. We hope students would benefit from the variety content of the library books the school library provides.


The LKKB School Library Introduction Video