Principal's Message to P.6 Graduates (19/20) in Response to EDB Announcement on 3/8

Date: 04/08/2020

Dear P.6 Graduates & Parents (19/20),

The EDB has decided and announced that all face-to-face classes and on-campus activities will be suspended until further notice in view of the severity of the pandemic.

As you start a new secondary school year life in September and will meet new people and face different things, as well as having the experience on online learning at home, it is essential that you need try your best to self-regulate. Since even the school provides resourceful materials for learning, the learning will not be effective if there is a lack of self-study mentality.

I expect all P.6 students (19/20) to utilize the summer holiday and to get yourselves well-prepared for your learning. If you encounter difficulties or are under pressure, you can share your difficulties with your teachers, friends or families.

The school will promote all school students accounts in E-class this coming week. Therefore we will use other communication platforms to inform you regarding the graduation ceremony arrangements or other information in the future.

I sincerely wish you all have good physical and mental health, and hope the pandemic will pass as soon as possible. Accordingly, we can arrange the graduation ceremony at the end of October to put a perfect end to your primary school life!

Principal Lau Tit-mui