Principal's Message to P.1 Students (20/21) in Response to EDB Announcement on 3/8

Date: 04/08/2020

Dear P.1 Students & Parents (20/21),

The EDB has decided and announced that all face-to-face classes and on-campus activities will be suspended until further notice in view of the severity of the pandemic. The school will accordingly arrange online parent meetings to prepare you for helping children in online learning.

The first online parent meeting will be held on 5/8. The content is about assisting students in purchasing electronic equipment. The arrangement was announced through Whatsapp.

The school does not want you to face too much pressure for preparing your children to commence Primary School life. Therefore, we will explain what you need to know as clear and detailed as possible. When necessary, we will also record the meeting for review.

Our school is under IT in Education Centre of Excellence (CoE) Scheme. Therefore our teachers are experienced in e-teaching. During the pandemic period in the past, our parents and students have expressed satisfaction with the school's support for the arranged online learning. Therefore, as long as there is a presence of home-school cooperation, I strongly believe students will still learn at their best under the arrangement of online learning during the pandemic.

Principal Lau Tit-mui