Secondary School Place Allocation


-Almost 90% of students were allocated to a school of their top three choices.

-Above 20% of students, which is higher than the average in the same district, were allocated to (EMI) subsidised secondary schools.

-Assist students with outstanding academic results to allocate secondary schools in other districts.

-(EMI) secondary schools, in which our students in recent years were allocated, include the following:

- Yew Chung International

  School of Shanghai

- St. Stephen's College- Maryknoll Fathers' School

- Jockey Club Ti-I College

N.T. Heung Yee Kuk Yuen

  Long District Secondary


Chiu Lut Sau Memorial

  Secondary School

Shung Tak Catholic English


TWGHs Lo Kon Ting

  Memorial College

- SKH Bishop Baker

  Secondary School

- Yuen Long Merchants

  Association Secondary


Madam Lau Kam Lung

  Secondary School

- Yuen Long Public

  Secondary School

- CCC Kei Yuen College

- Po Leung Kuk Tang Yuk Tien


- Shun Tak Fraternal   

  Association Leung Kau Kui


- ELCHK Yuen Long Lutheran

  Secondary School