Special announcement by Education Bureau

Date: 18/11/2019

     Since there are still unstable factors affecting the roads and traffic conditions and more time should be given for schools to make good preparation for class resumption, classes of all schools (including kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools and special schools) will remain suspended tomorrow (November 19).

     Based on the current situations, primary schools, secondary schools and some special schools are expected to resume classes on Wednesday (November 20). Please pay attention to the Education Bureau (EDB)'s further announcement. As for kindergartens, schools for children with physical disability and schools for children with intellectual disability, classes will remain suspended until Sunday (November 24).

     During class suspension, schools must keep their premises open and parents may send their children to school if needed. Schools should arrange for staff to return to school under safe and feasible conditions to look after students who have arrived at school. They should maintain contact with parents and allow students to return home only under safe conditions.

     Parents whose children have been offered a Primary One place are originally required to register with the school to which they have applied on Wednesday (November 20) or Thursday (November 21) during school hours. In view of the recent social situation, the registration period will be extended to this Friday (November 22) i.e. from November 20 to 22. Parents who are unable to register within the specified period due to matters of grave importance or traffic conditions should notify the responsible person of the school in advance to make alternative arrangements. Otherwise, they will be deemed to have given up their discretionary places.

     The EDB reminded schools again to make good preparation for class resumption, work out contingency measures for class arrangements to meet various emergency situations and notify parents as soon as possible. If individual schools are under special situations, they may proactively contact the bureau and appropriate support will be provided as necessary.

     The EDB reminded students again to stay at home and not to wander in the streets. They should stay away from danger and must not participate in unlawful activities.