School will resume tomorrow (20th November, 2019)

Date: 19/11/2019

Dear Parents / Guardians,

The Education Bureau announced that since the road and traffic conditions have gradually become stable, classes of primary schools, secondary schools and some special schools will resume tomorrow (20th November, 2019).  The following resume arrangement has been made from 20th November, 2019 (Wednesday) to 23rd November, 2019 (Saturday).

1. If students arrive late due to the traffic incidents, students will not be recorded late. (The arrival record will still be showed in the eClass)

2. Please be informed that all before-school activities will be cancelled (such as Tutoring Class, Supporting Class, Track and Field Training and all trainings informed by teachers). Students can enter school at 8:10am where teachers will take care of any students who come to school early.

3. Parents can pick up your child/children anytime if needed. Due to the traffic conditions, parents can decide whether your child should go to school or not. Please contact school for leave application.

4. Homework lessons and all after-school activities/trainings will be cancelled. 333 and after-school homework tutoring classes will be cancelled.

The dismissal time for P.1-3 on 20th November, 2019 – 22nd November, 2019 is at 3:00pm.

The dismissal time for P.4-6 is on 20th November, 2019 – 22nd November, 2019 is at 3:00pm. The school activities will finish at 3:00pm. Students will be dismissed at 3:00pm.

5. The classes such as Reading & Writing Classes, Focus Classes, Social Classes, Baseball Classes and Fencing Classes are remain normal on 23rd November, 2019 (Saturday). Parents can decide whether your child to go to school or not. Please contact school for the leave application.

6. School will pay attention to the traffic conditions. We will take care of the students who are affected by traffic problems. Please prepare some money for your child in case of need. Please also direct your child to alternative safe routes on their return home.

Please pay attention to the news from the Education Bureau. We will also update parents regarding school arrangements via eClass.