Gifted Education

Rationale and Principles


The mission of gifted education is to fully explore and develop the potentials of gifted students systematically and strategically by providing them with opportunities to receive education at appropriate levels in a flexible teaching and learning environment. To cater to the educational needs of gifted students, we advocate the following principles:


- Nurturing multiple intelligences is a fundamental goal of quality basic education and should be the mission of ALL schools;

- Gifted education should be part of quality education. The needs of gifted students, like their less able counterparts, should basically be met in their own school;

- A broad definition using multiple intelligences should be adopted;

- Exploring students' thinking and creativity abilities and social skills should be the foci of gifted education.

- Schools should provide sequential and multiple educational activities to gifted students at different levels;

- To compile resources collected from educational parties/bodies as support to schools.


Implementation of Gifted Education in Hong Kong

  1. Level 1 refers to using pedagogies that could tap the potential of students in creativity, critical thinking, problem solving or leadership in the regular classroom
  2. Level 2 refers to offering pull-out programmes in disciplinary or interdisciplinary areas for the more able students within the school setting; and
  3. Level 3 refers to provision of learning opportunities for the exceptionally gifted students in the form of specialist training outside the school setting.

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School-based pull-out programmes



School-based pull-out programmes


Chinese Drama, Elite Courses, Choral Speaking, School Debate, Story-telling competitions, Writing competitions


English Drama, LKKBTV, Cambridge English, Speech competitions, Writing competitions


Olympics Maths Tests, World Class Tests

General Studies

STEM, BOT Programmes, 15 HOT Skills Implementations



Gifted Education / Studying Abroad Programme