General Studies Curriculum

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The LKKB General Studies Curriculum involves the emphasis of High Order Thinking Skills in order to develop students generic skills, thinking skills and self-directed learning skills as well as positive values and attitudes for their whole-person development.

On the other hand, we prepare students to face challenges for the future by implementing STEM and information technology in our teacher. By designing scientific activities which engage students' minds and bodies, students would be able to understand principles and concepts, and scientific process skills for building their fundamental scientific knowledge. It helps students in articulating with the junior secondary curriculum and fostering their interests in science and technology learning to help nurture a pool of talents.

During lessons, teachers emphasizes in developing students' exploration and science spirit through various means such as model making, group presentations and experiment designing…etc. Exploring ways and results in solving problems with peers and teachers helps students develop the spirit of science in pursuit of truth. Moreover, the diversified curriculum we implement would help students train their generic skills and abilities in all different aspects, as well as fostering their interests in science in order to create a scientific learning atmosphere in class.