Moral, Civic and National Education - Introduction

Implementation Strategies

The school implements the whole-school and whole-person approach to integrate moral education and it is embedded in the three-year school development plan over the school self-improvement cycle. In this regard, it connects to the school's motto: Benevolence, Affection, Diligence and Faithfulness. In view of this, the school holds various activities every day for our students to foster students' national identity, diligence and self-help; As well as focusing on areas of self-discipline, responsibility and perseverance based on the school's motto ‘Benevolence’; Focusing on areas of respect and caring based on ‘Affection’; and focusing on areas of sense of responsibility and trust. The school also implements ‘Core team teachers of values education’ to support class teachers to design school-based curriculum and co-plan to meet the educational needs of the students. School-based regular activities and programmes such as assemblies, moral talks, Caring ambassadors and ‘Understanding Adolescent Project’ to systematically and comprehensively nurture students with a proactive attitude and positive values. Moreover, all subject panels and administrative teams will focus on and integrate the points mentioned above by complementing and taking forward various activities, talks, courses and workshops for students, parents and teachers.